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Air Conditioning Installations


wall split systems 

Wall split systems came in a multitude of brands, sizes and capabilities.Generally they are used for small rooms or open living space areas. Many factors need to be considered when choosing your system such as room size, ceiling heights, insulation usage in walls or ceiling and even room sun orientation, all factors will influence the system requirements and heat /cooling capacities needed.   

Split systems are an effective way to cool a room or open area when ceiling access for duct works is problematic. Newer inverter compressor technology enables the compressors to be run at varied speeds dependent on the needs of its operation therefore reducing running costs and noise of the system. This inverter technology is the reason why many older units are now getting swapped over to more cost efficient systems.

Multi Head units

Multi Head units are reverse cycle systems with more than one head unit or wall unit running from the one external compressor. The Multi head units are specialized systems to enable this function, they have the main benefit of one single compressor saving space and the capacity to cool multiple rooms, however the cost of the systems is increased due to the additional pipe works and initial set up.

We have access to all the major brands in this area so free free to give us a call on 84100887. to discuss what option may work best for you, your home and your budget with a free no obligation quote.               




Ducted Reverse Cycle 

Ducted Reverse cycle systems are the most common type of heating and cooling system due to their versatility. Ducted reverse cycle systems have the capability to heat and cool an entire house but also like the smaller wall splits require proper design to obtain the correct size for your home Generally the system will use one outdoor compressor unit,  now also available with inverter technology to feed the internal air handling unit. From this air handling unit the flexible ducts can then be split and directed into the various locations around the house based on the zone designs you have chosen; see pic above. Some units have the capability for remote connection along with internal WiFi operation for absolute ease and control.

As with the single wall split units , there are many varied options available for ducted systems, heating and cooling capacities, zone control, compressor type and control systems, call us on 84100887.  and we can provide a not obligation quote providing you the best options and value for money.




Ducted Evaporative Systems  

Evaporative Ducted systems are one of the most common and basic household air conditioning systems found in Adelaide. Due to our relatively dry heat, Evaporative systems are a simple and cost effective way to cool your entire home.

Evaporative units simply draw hot air in from the outside which passes through the moist filter pads, cooling the air as it is drawn down the internal duct work via a fan unit and finally out to your various room vents. Due to this simple format this is method of cooling is very economical, costing less than a quarter in electricity than a equivalent Ducted Reverse Cycle system. Due to the minimal moving parts cost for repairs and maintenance is also generally lower than the reverse cycle systems as well. New quiet motor technology and variable control systems have meant that you can run your system quietly through the night or in the heat of the day, adjusting the motor speed and room areas as needed.

Ducted Evaporative systems do have their limitations, windows or doors are required to be open or ajar for adequate airflow and if the humidity rises you will notice a reduction in temperature differential. Evaporative systems are also not able to heat your house and so the cost of an additional heating source will need to be factored into making your final decision.

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