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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are one of the easiest and cost effective ways help cool your home in summer and circulate the heat in winter. Like most purchases it is important to select the correct fan for your specific area and needs. We have provided some information so you can make a more informed choice.

Ceiling Fans For Summer

It is estimated that a correctly installed ceiling fan working with a form of cooling can help effect the room temperature by 2-5 degrees, reducing the load of the air conditioner therefore reducing running costs. The air flow in summer is forced downward creating a cooling breeze and circulating the air from the ceiling air-conditioned vents.

Ceiling Fans For Winter

When operating the fan in reverse or winter mode the air is forced upwards toward the ceiling. This circulation effect helps to move the warmer air from ceiling height downwards to where you need it.

Selecting a Ceiling Fan

location - Where is the fan to be located in the room? If it is close to a light source above it can cause a light strobe effect. You may be best to purchase a fan with a light attached to it or if you have the room, re locate the fan or light. We recommend that the ceiling fans be mounted 300mm away from the ceiling and 2.1m from the floor. Extension poles are available for some models.

Cabling Accessibility – The ceiling fan will require additional cabling from the fan controller on the wall to the new fan. Cabling accessibility can be an issue for internal or solid walls. One solution to this problem is to consider a ceiling fan with a remote control. This will save on installation costs,although are generally more expensive to initially purchase.

Type and Design of Fan - Metal blade fans generally make more noise than their wooden counterparts, therefore wooden fans are more benificial for bedroom areas. Noise levels are also dependent on the number of fan blades, their design and angle. The cost of fans will vary on all the above mentioned items, generally the quieter fans will cost a little more. As a rough size guide, rooms 20m2 can use 122cm fans and 20m2 to 36m2 should use 132cm fans.

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