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Lighting, LED Installs, Sensor lighting

Home lighting can make a dramatic change to mood and the style of your house. With ever increasing electrical costs, LED is becoming the popular choice for large commercial building and houses.

LED Options

A simple power saving exercise can be swapping over you existing inside low voltage downlights for new LED downlights. When you compare the cost of a 50w globe to a new 10w or 12w LED downlight, the savings can really add up. There are various colour levels or tones available which we can help you with.

LED lighting can also be used for most fittings throughout your house, even outside lighting can now be converted to LED.

Sensor, Outdoor security lighting

Sensor lights or light level controlled fittings are a great solution for entrance way lighting or garden lighting. We can install day/night sensing fittings that will operate fully automatically, no more looking for light switches or adjusting time clocks. Security lighting is a must today and we have many options available, from discreet walkway lighting to high impact LED flood or wall lighting. Indoor/outdoor patio rooms are another great area to create mood lighting, fancy globes or fairy lighting can really complete a look.

Client provided fittings

On occasion we are asked to install fittings that have been purchased by the customer, this is no problem at all. We can make sure that the fittings are installed to the manufacturer specifications so the warranty details are met.

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