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Smoke Alarms

Do you need to have a smoke alarm?

South Australian legislative requirements state that home owners are required to install as a minimum a battery powered or hard wired 240v smoke alarm*. *All houses built after January 1st 1995 must be equipped with a hard wired smoke alarm, any other houses that have a battery powered smoke alarm when sold, the new owner has 6 months to install a 240v or 10 year lithium smoke alarm.

Has your smoke alarm been tested?

SAMFS recommends that the smoke alarms should have a press button test once a month and test the battery backup of the 240v units with power isolation. It is also recommended that every 6 months the smoke alarm should be cleaned with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to minimise any dust build up or cob webs which will impair the smoke alarms function.

What is the minimum requirement for smoke alarm installs?

Every house requires a minimum of one smoke alarm to be fitted but this may vary dependent on the house floor plan as illustrated below.

If you have a passageway leading to the bedrooms, install the alarm at the end closer to the living area. If you sleep with your bedroom doors closed the MFS recommends additional alarms in the bedrooms, interconnected with those located in passageways and other parts of the dwelling, to ensure that you are alerted by the activation of any alarm.

If there is no passageway but the bedrooms are accessed directly from the living area, install the alarm outside each bedroom 900mm from the doorway.  For additional protection, also install alarms in each bedroom. Install them as close as practicable to the centre of the room and interconnect them with the alarms located in other parts of the dwelling.  Consider the installation of photo-electric alarms in the living area to reduce the incidence of nuisance alarms.

If there are bedrooms at both ends of the house install interconnected alarms in the passageway to each of these areas.

In passageways, the installation point should be at the end closest to the living area and certainly before the first bedroom is reached so that when the alarm sounds, there will be sufficient time to allow evacuation by normal exit routes eg doors.

If you have two or more storeys, smoke alarms should be installed on each level and the MFS recommends that they be interconnected.

Upper Level

Lower Level

If you require any further information regarding the installation or maintenance of your household or business smoke alarm system, feel free to give Deadshort Electrical a call on 84100887.