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Surge Protection

What are power surges?

Power surges or voltage spikes can be caused by a variety of conditions, storms, lightning strikes, short circuits or accidents on the grid power lines can all lead to power surges. The problem occurs when there is a sudden increase in voltage to the household electrical system which can cause irreversible damage to electrical appliances and internal cabling. Lightning strikes and severe surges have been known to cause fires.

What can I do to protect myself and my appliances?

There are a few options available to minimise exposure to surge related problems.

Switchboard surge protection devices. This option is popular due to the ease of installation and total coverage of the electrical system. There are various types with varying capabilities, some will only provide over voltage protection and some have full lightning strike protection capabilities

Power Point surge protection. This option is good for specific area protection, protection from over voltage but as with some switchboard surge devices this will not protect against lighting strikes. This method will also need to be installed by a qualified electrician. Main downfall with this option is local protection only.

Portable Power Board protection. This would be the easiest way to have basic over voltage protection in a home type environment. With this option you will plug in the items you wish to protect. Downfall of this option is local protection only and the introduction of more power boards into the house.


There are many different types of surge protection devices available, all with various capabilities. Deadshort Electrical can provide you with the best information and service to suit your needs.8410 0887.