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Switchboard Alterations/Upgrades

The electrical switchboard of any installation is probably the most important electrical component of your house or building. The electrical switchboard is responsible for the distribution of power via the individual circuit breakers or fuses and more importantly protects you from electrical faults or electrocution. Over the last 30 plus years there have been many advances in circuit protection, from safety switches (RCD), to circuit breakers and surge protective devices.

Does your electrical switchboard look like this?

It is now illegal to install new rewireable fuses or HRC ceramic fuses in South Australia. The main reason for this is safety. HRC fuses are a common cause of hot joints which can lead to power issues and even fires.

As the fuses age the connection point becomes loose and brittle, this can lead to intermittent power problems. Adding RCD protection to this type of board or even additional circuits is also difficult as they are generally asbestos and so drilling or penetrating the panel is not advisable.

What can I do?

With demands on the household electrical system increasing, it is time to look at upgrading the board with new circuit breaker and RCD protection.

Generally the upgrade can be completed in a day causing minimal disruption; you may choose to relocate your board at the same time. We can liaise with SAPN to arrange power removal or relocation if required.

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