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Thermal Testing

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal switchboard imaging uses a specialised thermal camera to take a temperature based image and convert to pictures.

How can it benefit me?

A thermal inspection of your switchboards annually can help identify future electrical hazards prior to a failure, breakdown or even fire. Some insurance companies are now requesting thermal reporting of switchboards as part of their insurance conditions.

Will I need to shut down my switchboards?

The thermal scanning process does not require the switchboards or electrical items to be shut down, in fact the most accurate reports will be achieved when the switchboard is in full operation. Thermal cameras will pick up any “Hot Spots” which are indicators of a possible electrical issue, it could be in the form of a loose connection, excessive load on a circuit breaker, fuse or an out of balance load issue.

Thermographic report

Once the thermal scans are completed, a Thermographic report will be created on each of the tested items. The report will provide colour photos of the scanned items along with a thermal photo and any points of note that need to be attended. Identified switchboard faults can then be programmed for the most convenient time which can save money not only in down time but in unexpected costly electrical repairs.

Using the latest thermal imaging devices, Deadshort Electrical can thermally image your switchboards and equipment giving you piece of mind that your boards have been checked and maintained to the best condition possible 8410 0887.